Get Back to School with Healthy Footwear

Fall is right around the corner, and it’s time to get back into the routine of sending your kids off to school. A new school year means new books, backpacks and clothes,  Sure, school has already begun, but that doesn’t mean your back to school shopping is complete. Let’s not forget about the shoes!

Your children’s footwear affects the health of their feet so it’s important to take time and find the right footwear.  To help with your back to school shoe shopping, we are providing you with a series of helpful tips.  They include the following:

  • Find the right fit.Footwear should always fit both the shape and size of your child’s feet. Children’s feet can grow at alarmingly fast rates and that is why it is important to measure their feet each time you get new shoes. After measuring you should check all of their shoes to make sure they are still fitting properly. Shoes that fit improperly can lead to a number of different painful foot conditions.
  • Cover those toes! Between the busy hallways and the time spent on the playground for recess, your children could easily harm their little piggies.  Safety should always come before fashion and you should look for closed toe shoes over sandals or flip-flops.
  • Give them support. Look for footwear with strong heels that will support your child’s feet throughout the entire school day. You can test the support of a shoe by clutching onto each side of the heel with your fingers and squeeze.  The heel should remain firm and in a fixed position. A strong heel should be accompanied by properly cushioned insole and arch support.
  • Look for flexible toe boxes.When you walk your toes bend with every stride, therefore footwear should reflect this. Look for shoes that will have flexibility where your child’s toes bend. Remember the shoes toe box should leave enough room so your child can comfortably wiggle his or her toes. The big toe should come close, but not actually touch the end of the shoe. You should leave about a thumb’s width between the child’s big toe and the end of the shoe.

Your child’s shoes can affect their posture as well as their musculoskeletal development. Proper footwear can also aid in preventing painful injuries. If you require additional information regarding the healthiest footwear, contact our office at (248) 362-3338 to set up an appointment with Dr. Anthony Weinert.


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