Keep Kids Feet Healthy at Summer Camp

School is letting out and summer camp is right around the corner for some lucky kids.  While foot health is the last thing any kid is thinking about, it’s important to recognize that foot problems can and do happen in the summer when kids are out playing.  However, with a little care and forethought most foot problems can be avoided, so before you drop your children off for camp, take a moment to review these tips and implement a plan to keep them healthy and safe this summer.

Here is a list of tips that may be helpful for your child or children going to camp:

·         Before sending kids to camp, buy them a pair of quality running shoes. Your children think of it as a treat, but you’ll know that they’re protected with supportive, comfortable shoes they can put a ton of mileage on.

·         Check your children’s feet.  Look for signs of athlete’s foot in older kids (scaling and redness), warts (the spread quickly when kids are barefoot at pools and playgrounds), as well as any damage or suspicious moles.  By catching it any issues early, you’ll keep their feet happy and keep them playing.

·         Show your children how to cut their toenails straight across, and take them to a podiatrist if their toenail looks like it may become ingrown. Ingrown toenails are a huge problems with children, and can easily become infected.  A podiatrist can fix this problem easily and painlessly if caught early.

·         Remind your children to wear socks with their shoes to prevent them from getting painful blisters and athlete’s foot. Ensure they have a few extra pairs of socks before you drop them off.

·         Teach your children the importance of applying sunscreen, and pay special attention to their feet and legs.  Skin cancer and sunburns go hand in hand, and this region often goes overlooked when applying sunscreen.

·         Stress the importance of tying up their shoelaces. When shoelaces are left untied, they become a trip hazard- and no child wants to have to sit out the rest of summer from a twisted ankle or other preventable injury.

·         Leave open toed sandals at home. When kids are running around at camp, these exposed toes can very easily be injured and ruin someones day.

·         Don’t let your children lend out their shoes, or walk around in locker rooms barefoot. They can easily contract athlete’s foot fungus or warts, which spread in camps and schools.


With a little extra care and attention to foot health and safety you may prevent a minor issue from becoming a major problem during an otherwise pleasant summer camp experience. As an extra precaution, make an appointment to see Dr. Anthony Weinert for a quick exam before summer camp. You may reach our Troy office at (248) 362–3338 or our Warren office at (586) 751-3338 or you may request an appointment online on our website.  You can also request a FREE copy of his book online.


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