Flat Feet are Fixable!

If you have flat feet, you know exactly how much of a pain they are.  Maybe you’re one of the few people who have tried orthotics and found them unhelpful, or maybe you’re experiencing excruciating pain on a regular basis you’re your flat feet- whatever the case, we understand and want you to know that there are countless others like you suffering in Michigan, Canada, and beyond. Luckily, there’s a minimally invasive surgery that can stop your foot, ankle, hip and back pain due to flat feet.

The HyProCure solution is an amazing procedure that utilizes a small stent to correct the arch (or lack thereof) in your foot.  While surgery is generally a scary prospect for most patients, our patients are treated in our private surgical facility.  The entire procedure takes roughly 20 minutes, and the best part?  The downtime is minimal, with many people returning to normal activity within a day.

From the HyProCure Blog:

“The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery (www.jfas.org) recently published a prospective, multi-centered study on subjective outcomes of patients who underwent an extraosseous talotarsal stabilization (EOTTS) procedure using the HyProCure®Type II EOTTS device. In all cases, EOTTS was the only procedure performed. The outcomes showed results including improvement in foot pain and function. More importantly, for patients diagnosed with a secondary condition, including plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), bunions and hammertoes, the study showed alleviation of symptoms from these conditions without additional surgery.

Twenty-five feet in 21 (60%) patients were diagnosed with a secondary condition, including plantar fasciitis, PTTD, bunions and hammertoes. Though no additional procedures were performed to correct these pathologies, patients reported alleviation of symptoms from these secondary conditions. “

What does this mean in layman’s terms?  It means that when your flat feet, which have likely created secondary conditions like bunions & hammertoes, are corrected, you’ll experience less pain OVERALL, not just in your feet.  This is the reason this procedure is so life changing, as evidenced by the testimonials we’ve collected through the years.

If you have flat feet, you shouldsee Dr. Anthony Weinertfor an assessment of you eligibility for this wonderful procedure. You may reach our Troy office at (248) 362–3338 or our Warren office at (586) 751-3338 or you may request an appointment online on our website.  You can also request a FREE copy of his book online.



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