Beat Bunion Blues Campaign!

American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has launched a new online educational resource specifically aimed at women who suffer from bunions, or may be pre-diagnosis for bunions. From their website: “The Beat Bunion Blues campaign aims to educate and inform women, who tend to experience bunions more often than men, about prevention, causes, and the expert medical treatment only today’s podiatrists can provide due to their specialized education, training, and experience.”

In my practice, I see women with bunions on a very regular basis.  They’re unbelievably common, but often go undiagnosed for years because women write off foot pain as a fact of life.  I want to stress to each and every woman out there: foot pain is NOT normal!!  When you experience foot pain, you need to take it very seriously and schedule an appointment to see your podiatrist.  Early diagnosis of bunions can get you into an orthotic device that will alleviate some, if not all, of your pain.  You other alternative?  Waiting until the pain is excruciating and nothing can be done except bunion surgery- a surgery that we’re seeing more and more often over the years.

Women with parents who have or had bunions need to be aware that the main cause of a bunion is genetics, but there are preventative measures they can take to lessen the chances of bunions developing or becoming debilitating.  You should definitely limit the height and length of time you wear high heels, and if you haven’t gotten fitted for an orthotic yet, schedule an appointment at my Troy or Warren office for a custom fitting.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about bunions and getting some crucial tips on foot care, stop by the APMA site for more info. Whether it’s limiting the time wearing high heels or visiting today’s podiatrist for a custom prescription orthotic for proper alignment, the Beat Bunion Blues campaign covers it. For more information on Beat Bunion Blues and essential tips on foot care for women, visit


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