Diabetes and Complications to Your Feet

November brings cold weather, starts the holiday season and depending on Mother Nature you may even see a dusting of snow. But did you know that November is also the National Month of Diabetes Awareness? If you suffer from diabetes you know the damaging effect it can have on your entire body. However, diabetes can also create a wide range of serious complications concerning your feet.  These issues happen because of damage to your nerves. As a result there is a loss of sensitivity and poor blood circulation in the feet of diabetic patients.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes you should be aware of the following ailments concerning your feet:

  • Neuropathy: This results from chronic damage to your nerves. It can be severely painful as it dries out and cracks your skin. These tiny abrasions can be dangerous especially combined with loss of sensitivity, which makes it easier for bacterial infections to enter your feet.
  • Corns and Calluses: These nasty little skin abnormalities appear as extra thick and hardened layers to the skin on the bottoms of your feet. They result from your skin attempting to protect itself from severe pressure, and appear more quickly in patients with diabetes. Severe calluses may require special therapeutic shoes and custom made orthotics.
  • Foot Ulcers: Foot ulcers refer to painful sores that occur on the feet. These ulcers most commonly develop on the ball of the foot or on the bottom of your big toe. All foot ulcers should be taken seriously and examined by Dr. Anthony Weinert, even if they are not painful as they can result in severe bacterial infections.

Diabetes can result in severe nerve damage, which is serious in regards to your feet, ankles and toes. Lack of proper foot care and serious complications can cause limited mobility. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes contact our Troy office at (248) 362-3338 or our Warren office at (586)751-3338 to schedule a foot examination with Dr. Weinert. You may also request an appointment online at our website, http://www.stopfeetpainfast.com.


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